The next day….., Carrey woke up early, came out of their den, and saw that it was still dark and very cold due to frost. But he did not care about the conditions and before his wife and children woke up, he went towards the lion's den and sat hiding behind a bunch of bronze.

Jim, the lion had not yet woken up. After some time, the sweet sunlight spread all around and Jim finally exited his den and made a bow at his waist, breaking his ankles and then went and sat in the sun.

After this, her children and the lioness woke up, they also came out of the den and sat and basked in the sun.

But Jim started his search to know when the prey would come and when he would kill it so that he could arrange his meal for the day.

Hidden behind a bunch of bamboo, Carrey was watching Jim's entire routine very carefully and learning every move of Jim very carefully.

Jim was sitting in the sun with his family when a wild buffalo came by to drink water.

The buffalo was walking slowly and in slow steps. It appeared he was ill, and hehad arrived at the pond shore to quench his thirst due to the sick feeling.

When Jim saw the wild buffalo, he became happy and stood up.

As soon as Jim the lion stood up, Carrey, the jackal's ears perked up, one of his eyes was fixed on the prey while the other eye was watching Jim's every move.

As soon as the buffalo entered the pond to drink water, Jim the lion chanted his HolyMantra.

He said to the lioness sitting nearby, “Look, has my tail turned up backwards?”

The lioness replied – “Yes my lord, you look like a fierce warrior.”

After this Jim asked-

-“How do my eyes look?”

The lioness said, “My Lord, your eyes at this moment look as if a volcano is spewing lava.”

When Jim the lion heard this, he became determined and before the wild buffalo could quench its thirst by drinking water, Jim the lion moved forward with the speed of a storm and killed the buffalo with one blow and dragged it to his herd.

“Carrey” the jackal, was hiding behind a bunch of bamboo, as he had been watching Jim. When he heard Jim's Holy-Mantra, he jumped with joy and due to happiness, he rolled on the ground. That day he too had learned of the Holy-Mantra and by repeating it he too could become more powerful.

He got up from the dust and went into his hole, crouching with joy.

Carrey 's wife, Queen, had woken up by then and when she saw Carrey was so happy, she said –

“What's the matter, you look very happy, what happened early in the morning that you are jumping with joy”?

Sitting near the children, Carrey crossed his legs and said –

“Before you said that I can't hunt and that I am timid and weak-hearted, well now you have lied, you don't know how much strength I have within me, if I want, I can defeat even the best of the strong.”

Queen the jackal frowned at him and said – “Leave it be Carrey, have you ever hunted a rat? You can’t defeat the strong.”

Carrey said with a mysterious smile on his lips - "Hey, did you know? When I show you my power, you will bite your teeth, you just do as I say."

"Okay, maybe I will, but show me first." Queen the jackal answered, reluctant to believe Carrey so quickly.

Immediately, Carrey gathered his family and led them to hide in a bunch of reeds on the bank of the pond. There, Carrey waited for an animal to come and then he would kill him by reciting the Holy Mantra…

Carrey spent the full day till evening in Cannes with his family, The sun was about to set but Carrey had not seen any animal on which he could try the Holy Mantra.

At last…, when evening came, the same herd of wild horses that had come yesterday reached the pond to drink water. Upon seeing them, Carrey the jackal's mouth started watering and his feet started itching and as soon as the herd of horses entered the pond to drink water, he stood up. He also broke his waist by making a bow and after chanting the Holy Mantra he said to his wife Queen –

“Look, has my tail turned backwards or not?”

Queen the Jackal looked at him in awe and nodded her head. “Yes, my lord, you are looking like a fierce warrior at this moment.” She replied.

With his eyes wide open, Carrey questioned Queen again, “And tell me whether my eyes are red or not?”

Queen answered – “Yes Lord, at this moment you are looking as if a volcano is spewing lava.”

When Carrey heard this, he felt a power within him and he quickly jumped onto a wild horse like a storm, jumping over a bunch of bamboo.

But as soon as Carry bit his teeth into the horse’s leg, the horse kicked and threw Carrey dozens of meters away over the thickets of bamboo with its powerful leg.

When Carrey fell to the ground his jaw fell five inches into the ground.

His red volcano eyes became clogged like a dry well due to dust and the red color of his eyes also started appearing yellow.

Also, his bow-shaped tail had broken and bent downwards, hiding between his legs like a beaten beggar.

After all this, Carrey stood up onto his broken leg and walked towards his den.

Carrey's wife Queen was watching Carrey's bravery from a distance along with her children.

But when she saw Carrey eating forest dust instead of tasty prey, she felt very bitter and ran towards her master to get the news.

For a moment Queen the jackal was scared but in the next moment, she laughed at Carrey's condition.

When Carrey saw his wife laughing, he got annoyed and he looked at her with his red eyes, then sat near the wall of their den and started licking the pain in his leg.

But Queen was still laughing at the foolish bravery of Carrey, and she was rolling in the dust of the forest because of laughter..........

What does the story teach...

The presented story teaches us that...

“Just as a goldsmith can only make jewelry, just as a potter can only make earthen pots and no one else can. In the same way, any work can be done only by that person or creature who is expert in doing that work or is trained to do that work. If any other untrained person or animal does that work, he will have to fall on his face or that person or animal will have to suffer loss.”

.....................................................END OF STORY.........................................................

"A foolish jackal" (Part-1)