(I dedicate the presented story “A Foolish Jackal” to the great artist “Jim Carrey” who is famous all over the world for his comedy and his witty style. The story is based on an old lion named Jim and a jackal named Carrey.This is a funny story, that intends to fill you with laughter. - Vijay Raj Chauhan)

There was a lion. Whose name was Jim, Jim had become very old these days and he did not even know how to hunt properly.

At this time, Jim was sitting on the bank of the pond among the clusters of bamboo, dozing in the sweet sunshine with his hungry children and wife.

His eyes were closed and he was lost in dreams of his golden days. He was remembering the days of his youth when he was very powerful.

Where had the color gone since those days? “Jim” recalled having so much strength back then, and he wondered where it had disappeared to. He missed the excitement of chasing prey back in those days. Even if he had to run after prey two or three times a day, he did not get tired.

But now he had become very old, and he had to wait for many hours on the banks of the pond to even get a kill.On the worst days he did not find any prey the whole day and had to go to sleep hungry.

This change in him was due to old age because now the strength of his body had weakened. Jim could only kill one or two weak animals that came to the pond to drink water.It was the only way he could satisfy the hunger of his family and it was all he could do.

Then the next morning until evening, no animal was seen…

Not far from the den of Jim the lion, a jackal named Carrey also lived in a hole with his wife Queen and their two children.

The sustenance of Carrey's family largely depended on Jim'shunting, because whenever Jim killed prey, Carrey's family would eat the left over carcass for several days.

However, the condition of Carrey's family was also becoming worse due to hunger. Jim was taking many days to hunt, and Carrey's family remained hungry for many days. But Carrey kept his eyes on the field, waiting for some auspicious moment with his family.

At last…., when the sun was about to set in the lower reaches, the “auspicious hour” arrived, and a herd of wild horses reached the bank of the pond. On seeing the herd, there was a wave of happiness in both families.

Jim the lion took control of his position as soon as he saw the herd and stood up and bowed his waist. After this, he shook his hands and legs and moved them back and forth like a wrestler.

After that.., he called his wife & chant the ‘Holy Mantra’, a chant that contained a special power. As soon as he chanted this mantra, excitement was created in his body.

He folded his tail around his waist and looked towards Lal, then he asked his wife-

-“Look, my tail has turned back around and it is on my back, isn't it?”

The lioness said, “Yes, Lord, you look like a fierce warrior.”

After this Jim asked-

-“How do my eyes look”?

The lioness said, “My Lord, your eyes at this moment look as if a volcano is spewing lava.”

When Jim heard this, he became completely excited, and he ran at the speed of a storm and in one blow killed a weak-looking wild horse and then dragged it and brought it to his herd.

After this, the entire family broke their fast and ate heartily and then rubbed their hands on their stomachs and headed towards their den.

Ever since Jim the lion started hunting, Carrey the jackal's family had been keeping an eye on Jim.

When Jim's family finished eating the prey, Carrey's family also ran towards the horse for food and satisfied their hunger.

All the family members ate the remaining food, but in the mind of Carrey's wife Queen, questions were waiting to be answered. She had fasted since morning, with these questions accumulating in her mind, and she was looking for an opportunity to ask.

At last, while he was eating, she asked Carrey –

-“My Lord. After all of this, I must ask, how long will we continue to only eat because of the lives of others? Why can’t we hunt for our family?”

When Carrey heard these words from the Queen, he scolded her while still eating –

-“Hey, you eat as much as you want and still have more to eat later.”

The Queen frowned and said - "No, we will not eat anymore, you are also young, Jim is old, but he still hunts, why can't you?"

Carrey remained silent on this statement of Queen, he did not say anything.

After eating the food, Queen felt fulfilled and lay down in her den along with the children. Carrey kept licking the foodie's body.

When Carrey finished the dinner that he now felt he no longer deserved, he also walked towards the bank, but with sad steps.

He knew he had to listen to Queen. In a way, he was curious to know the answer too.

So, he couldn't sleep, he was wondering how Jim was able to kill such a big prey. What kind of powers did Jim have that could generate so much enthusiasm and strength in him even when he is old?

Carrey remained entangled in these thoughts for a long time and went to sleep thinking that tomorrow he would go to Jim the lion and find out what the power was. Carrey was determined.

(End of Part - 1)

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