If you're reading this, you've come to the site of one of the most dynamic collaborations in Web3 writing today - the intersection of t2 and Twigg!

By now, you're probably discovering that t2 is a great place to write and read articles, essays, book excerpts, poems, etc.

It's a great place to see what works - "Time Points" show how people react to your stories, and comments can help you discover what people love about your writing, and what aspects still need a little polish...

Twigg's goal is to help writers take those individual story elements to their next logical step. Want to turn a few dozen poems into a poetry collection? Or to collaborate with other people who have written great short stories to create a unique anthology? To take your philosophy essays and turn them into a non-fiction book, or some early fiction chapters into a novel?

Twigg is in the process of creating a story-telling platform that improves on the earlier models of e-books, where the stories and software are owned by big companies - and puts the power (and the profits) back in the hands of the creators.

With the Twigg platform planned to launch in May of 2024, we've partnered with t2 to help use "Friends Who Write" Season Two as an incubator for our StoryCasters and the members of our Flagship Partners - and to find talented new writers who want to be among the first to publish on this game-changing platform.

To get started, join our Discord using this link - and look for the #tt_onboarding channel - we'll help you find your StorySquad (1-5 other writers) and coach you through getting your T2 "Friends Who Write" group set up - putting you in the running for $13,500 in prizes!

Got a question? Drop a comment on this post and I'll be happy to get it answered!

Happy writing!