As a kid, there's a common expectation that your parents will always let you win - You are the king of the family. You have all the reasons in the world to be unreasonable, to throw a tantrum, to cry at the top of your lungs, and confident that victory will always be yours.

And you think "That's fine and that's just how the world is supposed to work", almost ordained by the natural order of things.

Until, you grow up! (Not talking about age-wise, but a moment that hits you that all the above is not true.)

Then you start to realize that actually, parents don't need to be reasonable! This matter was learned on my college graduation trip. I was traveling with my parents and my bf at the time. Boy, was it messy?

The underlying reason behind the chaos became evident: as one matures and gains wisdom, parents seem to regress in age. They become a bit younger, younger, younger, younger, until... probably, I'd say maybe 5?

I witnessed this firsthand during the annual drama show - Chinese New Year. Observing the "adults" grappling with familial issues made it clear that they had yet to experience their own moment of realization.

As I shared my insights with them, offering guidance on navigating parent-child relationships, it felt like witnessing a scene from a movie. They eagerly embraced my philosophy, transforming into infants seeking solace with pacifiers in their mouths—a striking reminder of the ongoing journey to maturity.

One day, if I have a kid, it (yes, I use "it") will go through the same vicious cycle, and I'll be there, ready to unleash my own brand of parental absurdity and teach that little asshole a lesson.(sorry, future kids)

After all, it's all part of the grand tradition of passing down the torch of parental shenanigans, ensuring that the cycle of "chaos" continues for generations to come.

P.S.: Man I forgot How much I love to write! This is so awesome! let's do this again. P.P.S: Maybe next time I'll start with "Dear Dairy... : (Thought bubble: Does this thing have a private mode? lol )