Today I sat next to the window and wanted to watch the world outside. I saw some quite interesting events.

I know it's bad but I had a good laugh at a kid that slipped in the rain and fell. I saw a guy with his girl holding hands looking at each other and smiling. I hope that guy gets lucky tonight, and what took my eyes is a fight between two people that I knew I wasn't able to engage nor stop the fight since I know both and I'd feel guilty both ways so I decided to watch, they started to argue, I really wonder what was it about… and right after the grabbed each other and got to fighting each one trying to get the other to the ground by the neck. People gathered around and stopped them and of course they swore at each other while leaving but that wasn't the thing that took my eye rather in the mist of the fight a guy on a bench who was straight up crying did not care nor notice the fight, I thought what can could be so devastating that a man would cry in public he kept looking at his phone and typing then I was able to know or at least guess he broke up with his girlfriend… What a strange world. Just a few minutes ago a young couple went by feeling happy but this guy is crying.

Sometimes I ask if the world isn't fair is it? The answer is easy. No… it's the way you look at things, say you broke up instead of saying that was a bad thing. Why not think of it as a chance to improve since you don't have anyone to focus on.