Red bean. Mochi. Buns.

"Is there ever a time when this place is not packed?", my friend asked as we enter the London institution that is called Chinatown Bakery. I had no capacity to answer her. I was laser focused on the red bean mochi bun shelf. There are few culinary pleasures as powerful as the layering of carbs. Sweet red bean paste cushioned in a cloud of mochi wrapped in a soft pillowy bun wins the texture game for me.

I recently learned a lot of food psychology, including the concept that distinguishes 4 types of eating:

  • Fuel eating
    • Fog eating
      • Joy eating
        • Storm eating

          Eating three layers of carbs falls right into joy eating. There's joy in the excitement of discovering texture right after another, and even more in the joy of breaking down each layer's unique blend of flavour and aroma.

          I did have to then make a mental note of making today a "treat day" (I'm on a calorie watch regimen at the moment), because I already knew there was too much joy here.