My friend zhuzhu got hit by covid (again) this week and was fighting dragons alone at home. I know how bad it could be for crapes like us, and I know her new relationship with a shanghainese business man is not going great lately. So I decide to send her a bunch of flowers to make her smile.

I messaged the flour shop owner I know, told her the situation of my poor friend, and asked her to do me a favor to customize flowers for a sensitive, artistic young lady laying in bed in despair. She acknowledged the kindness of me as a friend, and accepted the challenge with full confidence. With my trust and laziness, she directly sent out the flowers from the shop without further personal notes.

Hours later, I did not receive msgs from zhuzhu about receiving them. So I decide to check in.

“ Hey, did u receive what you’re supposed to receive?”

“Yes! I knew it, he still cares about me. After breaking up with me this morning, I knew he could not bear the stupidity of his own decision! So he sent me this (pic of the owner’s masterpiece) to ask for my forgiveness.”

“Uh, I have something to tell you…”

“ It’s not the right moment, you know. I know you don’t like him. But I feel much better now.”

“ uh, you are being loved most definitely... But why do you think I know you have received them?”

The sound of heartbreaking is loud. But I do believe she received the love that she needs eventually.