I have always lacked peace and wisdom to start the path to material well-being and inner balance. Born in a post-Soviet state with social norms and collective rights, no one taught us in school about the capitalist opportunities in the free world. We grew up on the streets and in courtyards surrounded by the mundane tones of grey buildings, embodying the everyday life and the rights of a socialist society, where factories are looted and their equipment is simply taken away for scrap metal. Oligarchs, bandits, audacious deputies, poverty of provincial towns... that was my childhood and youth. I began to mature late, as the painful points of my childhood and youth probably did not release my consciousness for a long time towards the horizon of possible changes and opportunities. These paradigms, namely the remnants of the past, continue to haunt me and impose their vision and will. It was difficult for me to resist them with anything other than a fanatical belief in my calling, to live with dignity and worthily. How can one break free from the clutches of poverty if your consciousness craves poverty and is accustomed to living in this monotonous world of others' illusions? How can one become successful not only in terms of the material world but also in terms of the spiritual? Is it possible to be materially secure within an inadequately provided society and not receive condemnation? Does society have the right to condemn people who have achieved financial success while the same society remains mired in poverty?

These are the questions I will try to answer in my posts. If you are interested, join me. I will also occasionally propose certain possible ways to earn in WEB3, starting from potential investments in DEFI and tokens to the metaverse and NFTs. Take all this as a Path, an opportunity, a journey to discover your own ideas and forms. May the Universe favor your and my intentions on this journey.