My favourite album cover is "99.9%" by Kaytranada.

Not only is this personally one of my favorite albums of all time, Kaytranada's "99.9%" (2016) was one of the first house albums that I resonated deeply with. The mix of hip hop, RnB, electronica, house, and funk created a unique sound. I've dug around looking for artists with a similar blend of genres and sounds but none that I enjoyed as much as Kaytranada.

"99.9%" has plenty of iconic features on it that make it instantly loveable by RnB lovers, like Anderson .Paak, Syd, BadBadNotGood, and GoldLink. Even Shay Lia is featured if you know about Kaytranada's infamous Boiler Room set.

My favourite tracks, should this be your first time listening to this album, are DRIVE ME CRAZY (ft. Vic Mensa), GLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak), and YOU'RE THE ONE (ft. Syd).

Kaytranada - 99.9%

Album art designed by renowned Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, he takes inspiration from tarot, tribal, and religious symbolism to "champion" his subject. His "multiple eyes" and "fire/sun" related motifs are recognizable and iconic, giving Kaytranada's music the perfect sense of "hyperrealism" as listeners bop, groove, and dance to the 15 tracks across the album.

When visiting Kaytranada's hometown of Montreal in 2017, I noticed the massive (and frequent) murals around the city with familiar motifs. A friend later pointed out the painstakingly obvious connection to "99.9%". This cemented the connection between Kaytranada's album and its connection to his home city.

Ricardo Cavolo, Mural Festival, Montreal 2017


Since then, I've seen Ricardo Cavolo collaborate with other artists for their album artworks as well, most notably with rising pop star from New Zealand BENEE on her 2019 EP "FIRE ON MARZZ".