Story within a story...

Let me begin with a confession. I loved Cloud Atlas. The movie was nice, but the book was a masterpiece. Ever since I have been a fan of nesting stories.

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Mar 27, 2024



Pulp Fiction, part 3

◀ Prev 5 Outside it had started raining heavily. A couple entered and seated themselves just in front of her. They spoke in a language she was not familiar

  • 6 min read


Pulp Fiction, part 2

◀ Prev 2 She doesn’t like coffee much. She never did. Ever since she had tried a cup of black coffee without sugar on a whim during one of

  • 8 min read


Pulp Fiction, part 1

In the early hours of the morning, following a sleepless night, he sat up and started his laptop. The editor with whom he had spoken only a few days

  • 6 min read


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