How to improve scientific publishing?

-- COMPETITION & BOUNTY -- To engage with this prompt we want: - pieces of critique on the existing publications system - creative writing pieces about the publishing system and how it may affect individuals or societies - poetry or prose regarding these issues - descriptions or explanations of developing technologies to solve these issues - ALL LANGUAGES ACCEPTABLE Bounty: We are selecting the top 3 submissions and rewarding them with a Microbes NFT, the future governance token of DeSciWorld. The competitions starts on Monday 20th November and ends on Monday 27th November. Premise: Decentralization stands to significantly enhance transparency and integrity within scientific research, mitigating the risks associated with biases, manipulation, and hidden agendas that often influence traditional publication systems. By embracing this approach, universal access to invaluable scientific knowledge becomes achievable, liberating research findings from confining paywalls and accessibility barriers. This inclusivity fosters a more democratic distribution of information, reaching a broader audience and empowering diverse perspectives. In contrast, centralized systems remain vulnerable to censorship and control wielded by a limited few. Decentralization acts as a safeguard against undue influence or censorship, thereby upholding the essential integrity of scientific dissemination. By transitioning to a decentralized model, the publication process becomes a platform for diverse viewpoints, fortifying the validation process and preventing the undue dominance of particular institutions or ideologies. This move not only cultivates a more comprehensive and inclusive peer-review structure but also opens the door to potential tokenization of the review process.

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Nov 19, 2023



Open Source: The Key to a Transparent and Collaborative Scientific Publishing Landscape

The banner was generated using DALLE-3. The scientific publication process often suffers from inefficiency and delays. Valuable knowledge that could save lives can take up to two years to

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