[NEO Masterpiece Films] A Domed Metropolis In A Cyberpunk Universe

A compilation of stories, poetry, and other art forms revolving around the world of NEO Masterpiece Films.

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Mar 9, 2024



[01] The World Of NEO: The City of Zion

The year is 2099. The ozone layer has depleted into dangerous levels, terraforming the once lush green planet into a punishing life of dead shrubs and constant drought. People

  • 6 min read


Absolution Chapter One

Cloud District - Neo City In a big office in a skyscraper, a man who is wearing a military outfit, Aaron is sitting down on the chair at the end,

  • 6 min read


Tales From The Bedrock: The Forgotten Prelude

Bolton’s younger brother, Andy, died from an explosion. Landmine. Military-grade. Nine kilotons powerful enough to take down a goddamn militank. And Andy was only seven. "The hell do you

  • 3 min read


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