"Today, you see that l am still in this company, which is because l once met a wiseman, who told me a workplace truth at my most hesitant time, in the workplace, l want toturn myself into water and be put into any container.

This is a friend of mine, A Qiang, who works in a famous company. He has a mastersdegree and his talent in mold design ability. But he cant get the promotion and reuse of thecompany leader. Because he is only focused on technology and does not take time toengage in relationships.

Finally, in charge of the intolerable supervisor when could not play fast and loose.Jiagongjisi, he decided to resign. When he submitted his letter of resignation, he met amanager of a neighbouring department at the staircase, because there were only a fewsides with him. The two people smiled and greeted each other.

The manager saw a strong hand on the letter of resignation, a look of surprise, he said:" if you have another job, congratulations to you. lf you are in charge of your department.you have to think about it: you must learn how to get along with different people,otherwise you will always meet such a person, and then lose your mind.

This is not too familiar with the managers words, all of a sudden when it comes to thetip. A lot of people in the workplace angrily stumbled does not understand the problem,the original only in this short a few words.

John was shocked. After that, he ripped the letter back to the post, practicing how toget along with hate charge, although he still does not agree with some things against hisprinciples, but he began to seriously, try to look on the bright side of things, and thus also

changed from confrontation between supervisor and.

A year later, because of a strong business is outstanding, company to set up a branchand served as a responsible person.

He often meet that he learned from a few words of the manager, the manager still has acool look. Although a strong never asked him to say thank you, but he will alwaysremember the day when l met, the wise man in the staircase, a few words of light, open afrozen and full of corners of the original stone heart.


In a few years, l have not set foot on this moonlit path. The path is the father's handwith the cobblestone, the moonlight under the dim light of soft. At the end of the road, thelittle hut on the side of the river was connected to my father. Father, do you still sit on theshore, blowing the flute plaintive, waiting for the return of his son?

Loving father of piper. When l was young, my father sound full of my childhood fun, likethe ribbon Creek, pulling my heart around in the father love of the harbor. My father hurtsmy only son, and he likes to use rough pairs.

Hand pinch my face, regardless of my pain to cry, still silly smile. Every single day, myfather took me to the river on the grass cattle. My father often let their cattle rope let thecattle graze himself from the grass behind the basket in his flute, muster cheek, blowing outthe most beautiful music in the world. l leaned on my father's legs, watching the sunset atthe end of the sky to dye my father's hair blonde. l love my father, the most beautiful soundof father.

With the growth of the age, l began to hate his father, he was full of hate the smell ofsmoke, hate his yellow teeth; hate him back to the school to find me a basket of grass, alsofrom the window just staring at me, l also hate him no skill, only know how to handle a fewacres of thin, even my tuition has not been able to earn. My father and l were graduallyseparated. After l was roared for a few times, my father no longer went to school to see mebarefoot, no longer nagging me to study well. He kept silent, and the only way to break thesilence is playing the flute, such as resentment, such as mu, and in my opinion, it hasbecome a symbol of raffish.

I went to school to go to school. The night before l left, l walked up to the familiar pathand felt a bit of love and love. The road is like the trace of the moonlight on the ground.and it has crossed my heart. l haven't returned home for a few years. My mother told me onthe phone, l go after father's day, like a lost soul like, Chafanbusi, just go to the river to playthe flute. Finally, l returned home at the request of my mother. lt was the night at home, themoon was rising, and when l was walking on the path with endless thoughts, l met myfather. l was all of a sudden cry, clinging to the father. l asked my father gave me a piper, hisfather promised. The siren sounded in the ears and choked, ringing in the moonlight on thepath, remind me. l feel that the father bring love, feel unworthy of his flute, father love melove my son. He has been blowing the flute for eighteen years for me, and l've only nowfound that it resonates so strongly with my heart.The road is beautiful and beautiful, it is the mark of the month. April is the road of thesoul, the father is my heart!


We should learn to thank others for laziness, because it is their laziness that enables usto have more opportunities to do things, and set up the stage for us to show their talentsand the way to success.

I graduated from college to be a clerk in an office of a group company. The director ofthe office has a special skill, that is, the article is well written and thoughtful. The chairmanof the board attached much importance to him. The chairmans speech and the year-endsummary of the company were all written by him.

I got to the office, only a handyman, dirty, dirty work, did not name the live all l do.After l arrived, the director became more and more lazy, and some of the work that he hadto do by himself was often pushed to me.

Because of the great reputation of the enterprises, enterprises often have to participatein such activities as long run, mountaineering and performance organized by provinces andcities, and should be interviewed and photographed on the spot. For a long time and notworking overtime, the director arranged for me to go.

Company meetings often make use of their spare time in the evening, and the chairmanof the meeting often forgets the time and goes to the early hours of the morning. And themeeting needs to be recorded and recorded. The director always lets me go so hard. As aresult, l have a lot of night time to attend the meeting, second days to sort out the recordswrite reports, a lot of work.

Some of our new students together often scolded those old comrades, how lazy andDiao, exploitation of our work, take our time, the wisdom and the fruits of our labor for

himself, so indignant, but some people still do.

A reporter from a provincial television station to interview the chairman of thechairman, the chairman of the time is relatively tight, so arranged at 8 oclock on Sundayevening.

The chairman is accompanied by the director. But the directors home is far away fromthe company. lt takes 40 minutes to ride a bike. So he asked me to accompany him.l heardon the air, usually at night to work overtime, l have full stomach, Sunday also let me, toothat. And whats more, the chairman of the board is for him to attend, and l have anappointment with my girlfriend. l wanted to top him, but later l was reluctant to take part in过

In the interview with TV reporters on that day, chairman of the board was in goodspirits, and there were several sparks. That is, the development of the enterprise has beenten years now. lt needs ten years to go to zero for second times, and is ready to make a bigmove in 10th anniversary Daging.

The interview was only half an hour, but as the chairman and the reporters talked verymuch about them, they talked for more than two hours and then went to tea together.When everything is over, its one oclock in the morning. When the reporter sent, l have beenvery tired, not wash sleep.

On the second day, l arranged the interview summary and gave it to the chairman.Then write a business newspaper published the article, the title of the article is "ten yearsof zero is from"- Chairman issued second entrepreneurial mobilization. The chairman felt

that l was very keen to capture his inspiration, and the emphasis of the article was new andthe theme was novel. The chairman was very happy. By the way, why didnt the directorcome last night. l said, "his home is far away:" The chairman then said, "to thank the lazypeople around you, to create more opportunities for yourself!"

Since then, the chairman has often asked me to go to the office, and some of histhoughts and feelings have made me clear. The final report of the end of the year is also letme write. My salary doubled. l became the red man of the company, and l got more andmore exercise.

Most of the time, there are a lot of people dont want to do extra work in front of us, weare often not actively accept and try to do a good job, but the fear of difficulty, managed toescape, always indulge in complain and complain, in a negative, pessimistic attitude orpassive waiting, watching. lf you have more work to do from another point of view, it shouldbe a very lucky thing. Because, by doing more work, you can improve your ability, increasethe experience of the world, and improve the quality of your work. So, when the extra workcomes in front of us, we should cherish this rare opportunity, hold it tightly, and dont let itslip away in vain.

The pie in the sky, there is always a reason for it to fall out of thin air. Therefore, wemust learn to thank others for laziness, because it is their laziness that enables us to havemore opportunities to do things, and set up the stage for us to show their talents and theway to success.


Many people think that they have to accept whatever life throws at them. Theyll say,

"This is my fate, my destiny. l cannot change it."

Of course not!

You dont have to suffer needlessly. Your destiny depends on you, not on any otherexternal factors.

I know someone who says she just accepts what life gives her because she has doneeverything she can to improve it.

Guess what her lifestyle is?

She wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes back home, relaxes, chats withpeople, watches TV, then goes to sleep. Next day, the same routinary cycle ensues.

Huh?!? ls this what she calls “doing her best?"

She believes she has tried her best and just accepts it in her heart that this is the lifethat God has intended for her to live; that her luck can only change if God wills it.Of course God wants us to be happy and live our life to the fullest, but we have to doour share of exerting the effort to live the life of our dreams.

You reap what you sow.

You just dont sit around and wait for a million dollars to fall from the sky. You have toget off the couch, get your eyes off the TV screen, get your hands off the phone (unless itcontributes to your success), and get your mind and body to work!

If your life is not meant the way you want it to be, dont just say: "Our time will come"

or "Things will get better some day.

Dont expect your luck to change, unless you do something about it. lf something goeswrong, dont just regard it as a temporary setback; but use it as feedback. Learn your lessonmake the most of the situation, and do something to resolve the problem.

Its not enough to think positive, you also have to act positive.

If someones life is in trouble, do you just hope and pray that things will turn out fine?

Of course not! You got to do anything you can to save the person.

So it is with your own life. lt is not enough to hope for the best, but you have to DOyour best.

In other words, dont just stand (or sit) there, do something to improve your life!


















It's still the way, the way to the school. lt has been wearing a lot of dust all the timemaking it impossible to see its brilliance. l can't find the scenery along the road or the end

But on this day, it looks like it. The red brick is covered with the original bare soil, mildsuppressed, the soil will no longer have the sand filled impulse, red and white color wasdotted with monotonous scenery, let the silent streets have a humorous mood. l embarkedon this road and connected with the heart of the earth. The verdant green also replaced theformer barren, although no spring buds of the primary green, no summer lush with thegame, but they stand upright, dedicated to the surrounding land, people at ease. l wasleaning against a tree, and l felt that the future had a different and long road, and whetherthere was a beautiful landscape along the way.

At a glance, l found them on the way. They have a black rose like skin, hard and still firmeyes, shovel, hammer tools standing beside it. l can stay, yeah, the scenery is such kind ofpeople as they create, in order to complete such a scenery, they suffer many times from thesun baked, they spend many youth when they are migrant workers from afar, they are thescenery of the creator, the foundation they are also the times. Maybe they didn't dreamvery far away, they only wanted to bring the future to their families, so they came to theirstrange city, sniffing the breath of the heavy city and doing their humble work. But theyexist, is the city's roots, without them, the scenery of the city, high-rise buildings, beautifuldowntown, lush green will be broken up. Their hearts maintain family and country, let eachother heart beat, passion and power.

The road is a landscape, they are--the thousands of workers are more scenic. Theyare like the spring thaw, full of vitality and hope, all the students like summer, fullyequipped for: simple and heavy: like autumn, and winter fruits: lingering sentiments, shyproud and clank.

It's still the way, but l know why l go, because it's the way to the future.


Man's youth is a wonderful thing: it is so full of anguish and of magic and he nevercomes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him forever. lt is the thing he cannot bearto lose, it is the thing whose passing he watches with infinite sorrow and regret, it is thething whose loss with a sad and secret joy, the thing he would never willingly reliveagain, could it be restored to him by any magic.

青春奇妙无穷,充满魅力,充满痛楚。青春年少的时候根本不知青春为何物,直到青春一去不复返啦才对青春有啦真正的认识。谁都想让青春永驻,不忍青春离去; 眼睁睁地看着青春流逝,心中会涌起无穷的忧伤和惋惜;青春的失去是人们永远感到悲哀的事;青春的失去是人们真正觉得悲喜交集的事;即便奇迹出现青春复苏,谁都不会心甘情愿重度青春的岁月。


Why is this? The reason is that the strange and bitter miracle of life is nowhere else soevident as in our youth. And what is the essence of that strange and bitter miracle of lifewhich we feel so poignant , so unutterable, with such a bitter pain and joy, when weare young? lt is this: that being rich, we are so poor; that being mighty, we can yethave nothing; that seeing, breathig, smelling, tasting all around us the impossiblewealth and glory of this earth, feeling with an intolerable certitude that the wholestructure of the enchanted life - the most fortunate, wealthy, good, and happy life thatany man has ever known-is ours -is ours at once, immediately and forever, themoment that we choose to take a step, or stretch a hand, or say a word we yet knowthat we can really keep, hold, take, and possess forever-nothing. All passes;nothing lasts: the moment that we put our hand upon it , it melts away like smoke, is

gone forever, and the snake is eating at our heart again; we see then what we are andwhat our lives must come to.

为什么如此?因为在青春时代,生活充满啦奇特而辛酸的不可思议的事。我们在青春年少时带着悲喜交集的心情,十分强烈而不可名状地感受到人生的奇特辛酸、不 可思议的经历。其实质是什么呢?其实质是这样的:青春年少的时候,虽然殷实富足,却非常贫穷;虽然力气强大,却一无所有世间的富贵荣华触目皆是,简直可 以呼吸到,闻到嗅到,还可以品尝到,心中的自信按捺不住,深切地感受到整个被陶醉啦的生活--人类迄今为止所知道的最幸运、最富有的美好幸福的.生活,只要我们决定向前迈步,奋发努力,便立即归我们所有啦,并将永远属于我们。然而,我们知道,我们真的永远不能抓到什么,永远不能获得什么,永远不能占有什 么。一切匆匆过去,荡然无存。我们一出手它就烟消云散,飘然而去,一去不复返啦。于是,心中泛起阵阵隐痛,看到啦自己真实的面孔,看到啦自己未来生活的必 然走向。


Man's youth is a wonderful thing: it is so full of anguish and of magic and he nevercomes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him forever. lt is the thing he cannot bearto lose, it is the thing whose passing he watches with infinite sorrow and regret, it is thething whose loss with a sad and secret joy, the thing he would never willingly reliveagain, could it be restored to him by any magic.