Official Announcement!👽June 9th, 9am PST. I've mentioned it before but here's the full story. I will be releasing 111 unique Alien NFTs. The metadata will change over time per holder, so they're your $Infinati badges and cool art (Unbored Alien Yacht Club?). They may morph into a GIF, Video etc.

Each one is unique. Say you end up being a whale or xyz (whale for the week because you know I will perform in your city), then you could use that as a ticket for entry* - Some festivals won’t let me to do this, such as an upcoming hacker convention in August. So this may vary since I’m not the president, only the CEO of Infinati. Other perks will exist though, merch, only fans? lol, etc.

The website is alive and kicking. The contract has been deployed. It just needs ONE more Alien, a special one, perhaps a GIF or video or 3D magic!? My PFP is an example and the main one that’s already minted and owned by me always (I hope).

f you go to my site or find the contract, it won’t let you mint until Friday but you may look at it so you know you won’t get your wallet wiped. You won’t see it on OpenSea either until it’s minted. Max 5 per wallet!

As always I appreciate the support. They will be very affordable on Base (less than $ 10 unless ETH moons this week). $INFINATI! LFG. 😎 Love you.

ps these are real sneak peaks, will not count as your badge. Just announcing.

reply with something so I know who wants to get ABDUCTED by a UFO at the speed of light, specially if you own cows.