The truth is in the hands of a few people because most people only see the appearance of things without delving into their essence. The truth can only be discovered through practical exploration. The blind approach of following what others say will only make people make mistakes again and again. Don't be willing to share the results obtained by others, but have a questioning spirit and find the truth through practice.

Practice and exploration have overturned another fallacy. In ancient times, people regarded "the direction of the sky as a circle" as an unchanging conclusion. That means they can only look up at the sky and down at the ground. Just estimate the world from its appearance. Isn't it a lack of citations? Lack of spirit of exploration. It was an accident that the apple hit Newton's head, but after some exploration he came up with Newtonian logic. This is inevitable. Didn't the famous iron ball experiment also rewrite the fallacy of "heavy objects fall fast and light objects fall slowly"? Just a simple experiment can rewrite a millennium-old myth. Argument proves that practice is the only way to the original truth.