In everyone's heart, there is someone who is willing to give up everything to pursue a kite for you, and they are guarding by your side. Please cherish them.


Closing the book, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. The book "The Kite Runner" made my heart tremble with it. For a long time, I was immersed in this heart wrenching storyline and couldn't extricate myself, as if I had also followed the protagonist Amir back to war-torn Afghanistan, experiencing friendship and family, betrayal and redemption.

The wealthy young master Amir and his servant Hassan are siblings. After the kite competition, Hassan offended Assef to protect Amir and was beaten by Assef. Amir accidentally saw it, but betrayed Hassan and hid on the side. This matter has always made Amir feel guilty and painful. Loyal Hassan knew that Amir had betrayed him, but he saved him again. Amir eventually forced Hassan away and fled to the United States with his father. Amir, who grew up, returned to Afghanistan to redeem himself and found that Hassan was no longer there, leaving only his son Solabo behind. He brought Hassan's only son back to the United States, only to discover a shocking secret - Hassan was actually his half brother. The plot of the entire book is full of ups and downs, heart wrenching and heart wrenching. Reading it is heart wrenching.

The most memorable sentence in the book is what the loyal Hassan said to Amir while chasing kites: "For you, countless times." Their friendship moved me deeply. In my life, there is also a companion who plays with me and pays for me - my friend Xiaoyu.

One day, Xiaoyu and I enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers on the roadside together. We immersed ourselves in the fragrance of the flowers and imagined the future together. We found several pure white butterflies shuttling between the flowers, and I was immediately overjoyed. Xiaoyu smiled at me and said, "I want to catch the most beautiful butterfly and give it to you!" I also smiled and nodded, chasing butterflies between the flowers for each other.

The butterfly flapped its light wings, rising and falling. Little Yu and I couldn't catch up, but we also enjoyed it. Suddenly, Xiaoyu's hand almost touched the delicate wings of the butterfly, and I was so excited that I almost screamed out

"Bang!" Suddenly, there was a loud noise that brought me back to my senses. I saw Xiaoyu sitting on the ground, her knees scraped and leaving red blood marks. Seeing my concerned gaze, Xiaoyu forced out a smile as if saying, "This little injury, it's okay."

"By the way, look!" Xiaoyu slightly opened her closed hands, and a white butterfly flapped a pair of pure white wings, lightly flying up and landing at my fingertips. I smiled contentedly. This is the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen, and it will fly away with our most beautiful friendship.

Fortunately, living in a peaceful country, our friendship does not have to undergo the baptism of blood and fire, but it is equally precious, simple and real. We are people chasing kites with each other!