Whose business fire, whose management becomes philosophy. Even after the business is not popular, the boss still has the same management philosophy.

Think of the real estate industry in its heyday. Everyone was a master of management.

Nvidia caught on, and so did Huang's management philosophy

1, Huang Renxun email like Japanese haiku, super concise double-spaced, each line does not exceed six lines.

He did this by requiring employees to write short emails, expressed in web language, "TL; DR”: Too Long; Didnt Read”.

If an employee lets him see that a lengthy email has been sent, he will be in trouble. You have to decide what you want to say and then say it in a few words.

If you don't think a few sentences are clear, schedule a face-to-face conversation instead of an email.

2. Nvidia employees send their bosses an email at the beginning of each week informing them of the five priorities they will be working on that week.

In this way, Huang can keep track of the progress of the business which is a very good communication skill, clear organization

Both are pretty good, actually.

(The above two points are from the Internet)