Whales are incredible creatures that live in the ocean. They are very big and can be as long as a school bus. Whales come in different types, like humpback whales and blue whales, and they can be different colors too.

One special thing about whales is that they are mammals, just like us. This means they give birth to babies and nurse them with milk. Whales need to come up to the surface of the water to breathe air through a hole on top of their heads.

Whales are great swimmers. They use their tails, called flukes, to move through the water. Some whales are known for their songs, which they sing to communicate with other whales. It’s like their own underwater language.

These amazing animals mostly eat tiny creatures like krill and small fish. They have big mouths that can gulp a lot of food at once. Whales travel long distances in the ocean, and some even go on journeys that can be thousands of kilometers.

In the past, people hunted whales for their meat and oil, but now many countries protect them. It’s important to keep these magnificent animals safe so they can continue to swim in our oceans.

To sum up, whales are huge ocean animals. They are mammals that breathe air, and they use their tails to swim. Whales sing songs to talk to each other and eat small creatures.