Each of us has difficult days when everything just falls out of hand. Days when it is sad at heart and do not want to go out at all. But music can easily get us out of this state.

A peppy tune will lift us off the couch even on a gray, cloudy morning. A touching love song will allow you to survive a difficult parting, and a classic piece will return inner harmony.

Sometimes, in order to cope with the insult, anger and longing that has accumulated inside, I just turn on the music and sing loudly, feeling how I am freeing myself from these negative emotions. And sometimes I just play the piano for a long time, and then my soul also soon becomes brighter.

They say that the best doctor is time, and I think that music. It can cure not only a sick soul, but also a body. For example, a light, quiet melody makes it easier for us to fall asleep, forgetting about the worries of the past day. Music relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles and reduces pain.

It is no coincidence that in many medical institutions from the speakers calm music sounds in the background. It energizes patients with positive energy and returns to their pep. As a result, people are more likely to tolerate certain unpleasant procedures.

It seems to me that people who love music and often listen to it are more calm and balanced. They cope with problems easier, worry less about failures and are less likely to get sick. Therefore, it is certainly better to carry a player with your favorite tunes in your purse than a large package of tablets.