A youth fantasy novel with a cumulative sales volume of millions of copies, known as the "Harry Potter of the East", the author Jiangnan himself won the top honor on the 2013 Chinese Writers Rich List. The protagonist Lu Mingfei was originally just an ordinary high school student. When applying to study abroad, he received a letter from Kassel College, the Dragon Slaying Academy, which opened up his extraordinary life. With the help of his friends Chen Motong, Chu Zihang, Caesar, and others, the mysterious world belonging to the dragon race gradually unfolded in front of them. Lu Mingfei's mysterious and unpredictable background also gradually surfaced.

Chapter 2 Preface: White Emperor City 66

Aolong Tribe (1-4 Collection) Jiangnan 1378 Zi May 14, 2018 15:30

"Brother..." Someone shouted softly in the darkness. [49]

How annoying! Whose child got lost/ eleven

"Brother," the child shouted again/ three

It's really annoying, really annoying! Brother? Not here/ ten

"Brother... then I'll go," the child whispered, his voice gradually fading away/ fifteen

He suddenly felt a little impatient in his heart. The gradually fading voice carried a sense of loneliness, reminiscent of the child's distant figure, like an abandoned little hunting dog. "Okay, okay, okay! Where do you live, street, number, and door? What's the name of your unreliable brother? I'll take you home!" He flipped over and sat up. 114 He sat on the ground in the sunshine, dressed in white clothes as bright as the moon, and saw a white tea flower blooming in a coarse water bottle. Across the flower, the child in white clothes held a pen in a tube and leaned over to write, drawing and drawing. "12" Hey, you didn't leave? You want mine, right? "He wanted to say, but didn't say anything

He naturally did something, there was a plate of verdant grapes on the table, and he picked a small string from it and handed it to the child across the table. The child raised his head, his eyes flashing with panic, like an alert cub, "Brother, there are many people outside."

Damn it, right? It's so quiet. He thought. [2]

But naturally, he said another sentence, "Perhaps he will die, right? But, Constantine, don't be afraid."

"Not afraid, being with my brother, not afraid... but why not eat me? Eating me, any kind of cage can be broken through by my brother." The child said seriously. [24] Eating you? Although you look very white and tender, it doesn't mean you're better than a hamburger. I only had a hamburger for lunch and I'm not hungry at all. He thought to himself. "You're good food, but that's too lonely. For thousands of years, only you and I have been together." Once again, he said insincere words. "But death is really sad, like being sealed in a black box." Forever and ever, pitch black Like groping in the dark, the outstretched hand can never touch anything "The so-called fate of abandoning one's tribe is to cross the wilderness, raise the battle flag again, and return to one's hometown. Death is not scary, it is just a long sleep. Before I can swallow and touch this world, it is better to sleep peacefully than to walk alone, and we will still wake up." I can't believe that such a catchy line would dry his mouth. "

"Brother, when you raise the battle flag and devour the world, will you eat me?" The child looked at him, his clear pupils flickering with anticipation. [21 Damn it! Is this a play scene of "We are a cannibal family that loves each other"? But your family ethics are really curious! 6 "Yes, so you will join me and conquer the world!" But he nodded softly, with a cold and majestic voice

The child poured a glass of water from the kettle and handed it to him, and he drank it in confusion. [1]

"I'm leaving, brother, goodbye." The child stood up

He wanted to say, "I'm not your brother. You got the wrong person," but he just casually said, "Goodbye, be careful, human. You can't believe it." [23 It's another strange line, brainless./3

The child went out and closed the door behind him. He listened to the footsteps of the child getting further and further away, and finally disappeared completely/ He suddenly felt a little scared. He thought he was really dizzy. What if such a small child let him walk on the street and be abducted by someone? I don't know how far he had to walk to find his brother, but he became restless. Finally, when he couldn't help it, he got up and headed towards the door. He pushed open the door, and the blazing light shone on his white clothes, not sunlight, but flames. Amidst the blazing flames, the city cries, scorched figures run in the flames, thousands of arrows fall from the sky, huge plaques burn and flip down, with the words "White Emperor" written on them. It's like hell/ forty

In the center of the city, there stands a high pole, and the child is hanging from the top of the pole with his eyes closed. The flames of the entire city are burning him/ five

It's like a grand sacrifice. [2]

My heart hurts so much, it feels like a knife is cutting. What important person is lost because he made a mistake. one

He suddenly remembered something, and it was indeed true that he was the brother of a child. [12]

"Constance... Tanding." He shouted out the name. [18]

He sat up suddenly, opened his eyes in the afternoon sunlight, breathed quickly, covered in cold sweat, and outside was the noise of the elevated light rail passing by/ He suddenly felt the sound so pleasant, reminding him that everything in his dream was fake and that he was only in an ordinary world.