Music plays an integral part in everyone’s life. It’s one of the most important and powerful tools. It can cheer you up when you are sad, help you cope with stress, simply relax and motivate.

As for me, I often listen to music: at home, on the way to school, in my dad’s car, when travelling, at parties and in many other occasions.

Even though I like almost all types of music, my favourite style is rock. Rock music is the best remedy for me in any situation. I know that its peak of popularity was in the middle of the 20th century. However, it still attracts young people in every corner of the world. Rock is also connected with various youth subcultures, such as punks, hippie, metalheads, goths, emo. Despite its often defiant lyrics, rock music helps to express one’s personality and to release the accumulated emotions. Also, while listening to rock music, people can notice some urgent problems that worry youth.

Sometimes people associate rock with rock and roll. The style appeared in the USA of 1950s and soon spread across Europe. One of the most influential figures of rock and roll was Chuck Berry – the Afro-American performer. His music is still respected and cherished.

Some of my favourite modern rock bands include Linkin Park, Muse, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers. My parents think that these bands play aggressive and foolish music, but I don’t agree. In my opinion, rock music makes sense. It’s rather meaningful and melodic.