Frankfurt, located on the Main River, is a center of commerce, culture, education and a transport hub. What interesting things will you find here?

Fact No. 1.

The city has two nicknames: “Bankfurt” and “Mainhatten”, i.e. “Manhattan on the Main”. Since 2016, Frankfurt am Main has become the unofficial financial capital of Europe, taking the place of London.

Fact No. 2.

Frankfurt is home to Germany's tallest skyscrapers: the Commerzbank Tower, the MesseTurm office building and the Europaturm TV tower.

Fact No. 3.

The old opera house (Alter Oper) was completely destroyed during the Second World War. In 1953, local residents began raising funds for reconstruction. More than 15 million stamps were collected. The new building opened its doors in 1981.

Fact No. 4.

Frankfurt Airport was one of the first in the world to implement an automatic baggage sorting system. Every year it welcomes more than 65 million people. which makes it the largest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic, as well as the third in all of Europe in terms of this indicator.

Fact No. 5.

Frankfurt am Main is the center of the Rhine-Main-Gebiet region (Rhein-Main-Gebiet with a total population of 5.6 million people. It is the largest city in the federal state of Hesse. But still not its capital. This title was taken by another city - Wiesbaden (population which has about 300 thousand inhabitants)

Fact No. 6.

The most famous native of the city, the writer, humanist and scientist Johann Wolfgang Goethe, was born in 1749, and the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer died here in 1860.

Fact No. 7.

The Frankfurt City Forest is the country's largest urban forest area, covering an area of approximately 48 square km. Frankfurt is also home to the world famous Palm Garden. On an area of 20 hectares, flora of all climatic zones of the planet grows in greenhouses.

Fact No. 8.

The embankment on the southern bank of the Main River in the Sachsenhausen district is called the Museum Embankment (Museumsufer). There are 13 museums in the area between the Eiserner Steg pedestrian bridge and the Friedensbrücke bridge.

Fact No. 9.

The Goethe-Universität has existed since 1484, but received official status only in 1914. Now it is among the TOP 5 largest universities in the country. Among its graduates are Helmut Kohl (Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1982-1998), Helmut Maucher (CEO of Nestlé AG), Paul Ehrlich (Nobel Prize winner in 1908 and founder of chemotherapy), Jurgen Klopp (footballer, head coach English club Liverpool, which won the Champions League in 2019) and many others.

Fact No. 10.

There are two cities in Germany with the name Frankfurt: Frankfurt am Main (Hesse) and Frankfurt an der Oder (Brandenburg). In everyday speech, “by default” the name Frankfurt is understood as Frankfurt am Main.