When I was very young, I didn’t understand anything. I always thought that as long as I was a good boy, my family would be fine. Therefore, I studied very seriously because I loved my mother and my father. I wanted the three of us to be together forever. .

But one day, my mother asked me: If your father and I divorce, who will you marry? In fact, I saw these scenes in some TV series. I knew that there was a relationship problem between my parents, but I didn't cry like the children in the TV series. I said: I won't follow anyone, and you two are not allowed to separate! I still remember how resolute my tone was at that time, as if I had just taken the oath as a young pioneer. At that time, I was only 9 years old. Sure enough, my parents did not separate. I smiled like a winner and studied hard.

I think my parents are already very good, so I happily entered a key middle school. On my birthday, my mother gave me a toast. It was different from the previous toasts of "study hard." This time, my mother said some very strange things, and I couldn't explain why. Anyway, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I still I noticed that among the people who came that day, there was no father, so I called and turned off the phone.