A friend talked about his relative's great-aunt who had never worn shoes that fit her feet throughout her life and often walked around in huge shoes. If a junior like a son asked her, she would say, "Both big and small shoes cost the same price. Why not buy the big ones?"

Every time I retell this story, there are always some people who laugh so hard that they almost lose their breath.

In fact, in life we will see many such "great-aunts". Writers without any thoughts happen to write thick and bitter works; painters without any content happen to paint super huge paintings; businessmen who are often not at home have extremely huge homes.

Many people continuously pursue hugeness, in fact, just being driven by the inner greed, just like buying extra-large shoes and forgetting their own feet.

No matter what shoes you buy, the most important thing is that they fit. No matter what you pursue, always know when to stop.