We continue the topic of Motv. The listing of the $MOTV token is approaching. This is a big event for our service Shal.io after all, we are the leading investor in this project. Everyone's expectations of the price after listing are simply cosmic. Every student will be able to earn a fortune if they bought tokens on presale. The further development of $MOTV is shrouded in fog, because market expectations are not fully understood. But one thing is for sure, there is NEX will continue its development and will soon launch another token, rumored to be $3AN, to which there will be a tablet-trip clicker in which you will need to swallow pills and earn in-game currency. The drops will be juicy and that's for sure. We will also continue to develop our exchanger Shal.io Negotiations are currently underway to connect the MAFLUM network - the $MAF token. We believe in our projects and confidently step into the future. Thank you for your support friends, your Shal.io.

Shal.io x Motv so close

p.s. all of the above is a fiction of the author and has no connection with reality