In the dream, those flowers, those beautiful scenery that were once within reach, and my mother's beautiful face, gradually blurred and disappeared bit by bit, until all that was left in front of me was endless darkness.​

When I woke up from the dream, there was still eternal night in front of me.​

The world has disappeared from me, leaving no trace behind.​

It should be eight o'clock in the morning now. According to my mother, the piggy alarm clock placed on my bedside table will wake me up at eight o'clock every morning. I slowly groped my way to the window. It's probably going to be nice weather again today. The sun felt warm on my body, and there were cute birds chirping outside the window. I tried my best to calm myself down and feel more of the birds and flowers in spring, but I still couldn't help but shudder. Maybe it was the completely black world in front of me that made me feel hollow and cold! My mother also told me to come to this window to bask in the sun every morning after getting up at eight o'clock in the morning. I heard that at eight o'clock in the morning, the sun will shine directly in from this window. At this time, the sunlight is the warmest and can even be warm. Cure my illness. How is this possible? This must be my mother's simple and beautiful wish that cannot be realized.