Being able to have a group of like-minded friends walking under the same blue sky. In our free time, we can sing praises together, enjoy the fragrance of tea, talk about the picturesque scenery, and lament the impermanence of time. With a good-looking appearance and a graceful waist, she gazed at the clear sky.

What I like even more is that in the days of spring and snow, summer clouds and autumn harvest, I can have a confidant by my side. Traveling through various cities, we talked, laughed, walked and walked together, and stayed together through thick and thin. We sat on the train by the window, eating potato chips with Coca-Cola, chatting about some interesting things that happened recently, shooting people in a rock-and-roll whisper, and admiring the gorgeous scenery along the way. We were very happy and complacent. I would feel helpless and laugh at the second girl around me who loves to sing and quarrel, because I heard the third girl say to the second girl, you are the only one who is fat, your whole family is fat!