There was this proverb I heard that always comes to mind. It says “20 children can not play together for 20 years.” As I grow older, I come to realise how accurate those words are. You can definitely start out together with a set of people but as time progresses, you will come to the realization that not every one of you shares the same interests again. Some might be pulled to study in a different country, some might suddenly develop an interest in joining the national army, and some might even go on to become a criminal. There is nothing you can do about it, it is just how life is. The oldest friend that comes to mind is one whom I attended primary school with over 14 years ago. I do know we don’t talk every day yet I do know I still feel that kinship bond with him, and no matter what, I’ll be there for him as much as I can.

The word on the streetThe word on the streets says that if you are not in regular communication with someone, then you are not friends. While I do think this is true to an extent I do not believe this is a good metric for determining what a good friendship is like. What is now a good metric for it, you might ask. Well, the thing is, I feel that’s subjective. However, I would say it’s by how much they are there for you. Another realization of adulthood is understanding that everything is transactional and that’s fine.