Now, where to start from? I’m currently hungry. I know this because my body, which is responsible for letting me know when I am hungry, is telling me so. I told myself not too long ago that I should stop starving myself. It’s 6:35 pm and I am yet to eat anything. However this article is not about me, well it is about me technically but not about my eating habits, I already know I suck at that one. It is about communication and how it plays a role in the relationships we keep.

Something I have noticed is that when the word “relationship” is mentioned, people’s minds drift towards the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. While this is in fact an actual type of relationship, there are still different ones that exist. The relationship between colleagues at work, whom you spend most of the working hours trying to reach a deadline together with. The relationship you have with your coursemates, whom you spend most of the school hours with, attending lectures and writing tests together.

While there have been some points raised over the years by some people, on how you should specify the relationship you have with people, like calling a coworker a colleague rather than a friend or a classmate one rather than a friend, I find out I don’t really keep track of that. Once I have felt a kinship bond with someone, I consider them my friend. I do not care deeply for labels although now that I think about it more, I get why it is important to be distinctive about things like that. Because despite having attended classes with my over 180 coursemates back in the university, I can say I have that kinship bond with about 40 of them.