She rubbed her eyes a few times and heard her mother say: "The sun has risen so high, and I'm still sleeping in."

She had no choice but to get up and look at the calendar. Today was Saturday, a day off.

So she got up and lit the stove next to the bed, telling her mother that it was a waste of coal.

Then she packed up and went to the kitchen, turned on the gas stove, started cooking breakfast, and then waited for her mother to finish the chores outside so that she could eat.

Looking at the sun outside, Atlanta became suspicious, but she did not go to lecture with her mother, which saved her from saying that she was bored.

In fact, she was really puzzled. For example, why her mother still kept the gas stove at home, and in the summer, her mother still decided to put the stove next to the bed. Every time she complained that it was hot, her mother ignored her.

Oh, what a strange world.