All his vitality retreated into his eyes, and when he could open his eyes, he immediately turned to the door of the treasure filled room:

"Is it there? Is it there?" The questioning voice revealed his severe panic.

"Where is it, father?"

"You keep an eye on the gold!... put it in front of me!"

Eugenie laid Louis on the table and stared at him for hours, as if a child who had just learned to watch was staring at the same thing; Like a child, he showed a bit of a struggling smile.

Sometimes he says:

"This way, it warms my heart!" The expression on my face seemed to have entered a paradise.

When the priest from this district came to perform his deathbed sacrament, the cross, candlestick, and silver inlaid holy water pot appeared, and his eyes, which seemed to have been dead for several hours, immediately revived. He stared intently at those sacred objects, and his flesh tumor finally moved. The priest brought the gilded cross to his lips and kissed the holy image of Christ, but he made a terrifying gesture to grab the cross in his hand. This final effort saved his life. He called out to Eugenie, who knelt in front and kissed his already cold hand with tears in her eyes, but he couldn't see.