I just found out thanks to @mariapaula's badass newsletter that Mathilda has joined Lens!!

She is the creator of one of my favourite Japanese NFT Projects: XAN XAN.

Part of the reason I love it is the language which almost reminds me of old mystic poems and literature.

XAN XAN is a nightclub in Tokyo.

It has seven floors.

Each floor is decorated with a different scene, such as Main Floor, Empire, Factory, Atelier, Galley, etc., and each floor offers a completely different space to enjoy. It is considered to be the center of fashion culture, and has attracted much attention as a social gathering place for fashionable people.

To enter, you must get a pass from a bouncer.

There are no other criteria other than "you must like fashion" and "you must be 21 years old or older." The dress code is not disclosed.

I first met Mathilda at the Galverse x Lens party in 2023~ though I was friends with NINA from the project much earlier! I suppose her work is inspired by fashion sketches and drawings. Each character has a backstory and a lot of variations.