What is love? It is the lotus blooming in the void, pure and dust-free. Love is sacred and untainted. It hangs high above our heads and leads us to heaven. But it is also humble, humble enough to blossom in the dust.

There are two kinds of love, great love and small love, and in fact, they both exist simultaneously. Great love is like the illusory sky, embracing everything, gestating everything, the same as the Tao. Small love includes various emotions related to human nature such as family affection, friendship, human common sense and romantic love.

I love wild cursive calligraphy the most in this life. I once reached the point of being obsessed and crazy. Later, due to various reasons, I put it aside for several years. Being a person needs enlightenment, dealing with the world needs enlightenment, writing articles needs enlightenment, and doing wild cursive calligraphy needs even more enlightenment. Then love also needs enlightenment.

Having been in and out of love many times and also experienced many breakups. I feel that this thing called love really can't be clearly explained or defined. Buddha said, "Everything is due to karma." It takes a hundred years of cultivation to cross a river in the same boat and a thousand years of cultivation to sleep together in harmony. Looking back five hundred times in the previous life, only a passing by can be obtained. Science says: All these are caused by hormones in the body. But things are not as simple as what science says. Why in a world of five or six billion people, one just happens to fall in love with him (or her).

There is a saying: "Ask what love is in this world, that makes people vow to live and die together." What is this love? Too many coincidences, too many puzzles, and also too many inevitabilities. There are three thousand weak waters but only take one ladle, but why do some people drink countless ladles and still keep drinking? Why do some people haven't even drunk one ladle and have already left? The water flows by itself and the ladle floats by itself, but how many of the drifting of that ladle and the water can be synchronous?

Often looking at the burning candles, countless moths and insects, desperately crashing into the firelight, and no matter how one tries to drive them away, they won't disperse. Wave them away, and then quickly gather again until they are exhausted or burned to death by the firelight. People who are in love often do the same, knowing that it is not advisable, but they lose their senses and jump into the fire pit one after another. No matter how others persuade, it is of no avail.

People who are in love are either stupid or crazy. That expression is just like the moths that rush to the fire, fanatical, with an IQ almost equal to zero. If it can be treated rationally, then it is not love. Even if it is, it is dull and a bit deteriorated.

Those who are hit by the arrow of the beloved Cupid have suddenly changed into a different person. Sometimes as stupid as a fool, sometimes as fanatical as a madman. One sentence rises to heaven, and another sentence falls into hell.

Love is like magma, lurking underground; love is like a volcano, erupting suddenly; love is like a tide, surging; love is like an earthquake, with mountains collapsing and the earth cracking; love is like lightning, tearing the sky; love is like fireworks, extremely gorgeous. When there is love, facing the sea, the spring is warm and the flowers bloom; when there is no love, asking how much sorrow one can have, just like a river of spring water flowing eastward. Some people have seen the boundless sea and find other waters not worthy of notice, and except Wushan, no other clouds are worthy of mention; some people only hear the laughter of new people in the world, who hears the crying of old people. Some even only fan the new grave with a cattail leaf fan.

But love is something that no one can figure out or grasp, so it is the most expensive thing in the world, and everyone wants to have it for a lifetime. Love is like flowing water, but when has it really stopped flowing for whom.

Often thinking of getting rid of the cycle of love, but who can really jump out of the mundane world? The feeling of that heaven and hell still wanders repeatedly.