Throughout the depths of winter, mixed feelings are found in the icy scene where the universe appears to be severe and stunning concurrently. It’s a season of opposites: the biting cold conscripts exposed flesh while fragile flakes pirouette as if otherworldly.

In the cold there's a silence that can't be explained; it’s as if everything is holding its breath. But under this stillness of winter lies an inner turmoil, slow agony, a desire for warmth and life. The sight of skeletal branches against a wan sky creates an impression of desolation which is loneliness personified – this perception must come from knowing nature will soon wake from her sleep again. Even so there is comfort somehow in the loneliness; within me has been awakened a power to think by mere contrast with that white peace outside my window.

In winter, the chill can really get into your bones leaving them aching with an ache that matches all the bleakness outside. However, there is something lovely about how frost paints delicate lines on glass – transforming something ordinary into an alien world. This season is full of contradictions: beauty lives with severity harmoniously.

But despite its difficulties there’s always something about winter which sounds like hope when you listen hard enough… Each snowfall is new beginning born out nothingness - barrenness becomes opportunity not obstacle. And then there are the fireside glows where people gather together close; no matter what time it may be or how cold outside gets there is always warmth among loved ones

Can there be any other season but winter that brings together so many opposites? It is dark and light, cold and warmth, despair and hope. It’s a time for human feelings to grow complex in their simplicity - seeing beauty where it was not expected – while holding onto those moments which we know from experience won’t last long enough.