Reading and studying can obtain the spiritual energy of ancient sages and sages, and cultivate your temperament and connotation! The spiritual energy of the ancient sages and sages was also derived from the insights from the nature of heaven and earth, condensed into hard work, and put into words to pass down to the world, which is the pure sweet spring of virtue energy flowing. Reading and studying can broaden a person's mind and vision, and improve a person's dimension space and thinking realm. This is the result of reading more good books; if all you read are books about conspiracy and contingency, you will become cold-blooded, dark, and depressed. , basing one's own happiness on the pain of others in order to obtain short-term happiness, which is no different from a patient's blood transfusion and hormone transfusion. There are also choices in reading and studying. Only by absorbing more healthy nutrients from the sun can you change your luck and magnetic field.