Like the Yan brothers, who highly admire the Six Paths of Reincarnation, the two brothers split up and set up their own places to perform great deeds in famous temples and temples across the country and Southeast Asia. They have paved the way for several generations of descendants in the family to come to life. Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang, who are thin and muscular, firmly believe in meditation. During the year, they spend half a year in Nepal in seclusion, not asking about the world. In the other half, they explore various ways of practicing and maintaining health: replacing vegetables with herbs, listening only to insects and birds without talking to humans, walking upside down, and meditative sleep. They also consider high technology, are familiar with medical resources in Singapore or Germany, and have expertise and leadership in different types of cancer. Sometimes, they also discuss topics such as euthanasia, brain cell freezing and resuscitation, live organ transplantation iterations, and the Russian 2045 Avatar immortality program. In this regard, Mr. Lei from Kunshan has the highest interest. He is the first generation veteran of the development zone, who started by making steel wires with Taiwanese businessmen. He is extremely concerned about new technologies and once even took a detour to discuss a news story involving four countries with General Manager You. According to reports from the UK, an Italian neurologist announced in Vienna that he had undergone a head replacement surgery in Harbin, China. Biologists are competing for the Nobel Prize every year, and foreign tycoons are staring behind their backs. Soon, we'll follow suit and enjoy it.