Holding a cup of fragrant tea, savoring the charm of the four seasons, and tasting the splendor of life. A cup of green tea, with a simple heart and a person as simple as tea, is what I wish. -- Preface

On the early spring night, the chill has not yet faded, and there is no sleepiness at all. I am used to brewing a cup of green tea before going to bed, savoring the bitter and sweet taste of the tea, watching the tea leaves tumbling in the cup, and emitting a faint fragrance of tea refreshing the heart and lungs; watching the tea leaves floating and sinking in the cup, reflecting the gains and losses of the world.

A cup of green tea, three flavors for a lifetime, the bitterness of tea is like life, the fragrance of tea is like love, and the lightness of tea is like a breeze. Tea is like life. Savor it carefully, either strong or light. Savor the long life, with ups and downs, successes and failures in the world, not knowing the highs and lows, fame and fortune coming and going, honor and disgrace rising and falling, it is rare to pursue a touch of indifference and tranquility.

Women are like tea, and tea is like women. That faint mellow fragrance awaits those who understand it, to savor the myriad flavors of life together. Calm down and savor it slowly to recognize her unique fragrance and charm, sweet, mellow, and with an endless aftertaste. Smelling the fragrance to recognize a woman, and tasting the tea to appreciate a woman, makes you forget and indulge in it. All the ups and downs, noise, and hustle of life come to an end, comforting that long-drowned heart, making people's thoughts stretch far and long, unwilling to leave for a long time...

Women are like tea, elegant for a lifetime, endowed with the spirit of heaven and earth, elegant and peaceful; like the gentle fragrance of books, warm and overflowing. Rising and falling in the cup, always maintaining an elegant posture, filled with a strong and lasting fragrance, gentle and reserved elegance, revealing a peaceful and elegant nobility, exuding the charming yet not vulgar, indifferent and elegant breath of a woman. Just like what the famous poet Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty said: "The fairy mountain's spiritual grass moistens the flowing clouds, washing away the fragrant muscles, and the powder is not even. The bright moon comes to cast on Yuchuanzi, and the clear wind breaks through Wulun Spring. To know that her heart is as pure as snow, it is not the newness of the first application of oil. Don't laugh at the little poem I made, the best tea is always like a beautiful woman." It has become a tea culture that people pursue for a while, from which one can taste the charm of women like tea, and also encompasses the splendor of women like tea.

The sharp and fragrant jasmine tea, the fragrance of the flowers that has passed a season, still smells vivid as before, like the mellow feeling of a first love girl, like a plain-clothed girl smiling and murmuring across the bank.

The elegant Biluochun makes people think of a beautiful and graceful village girl with clear eyebrows and eyes, walking on the fields, taking a light sip, and conjuring up an antique old-fashioned woman, in the deep courtyard, taking care of her husband and children, beautiful but not showy, with a clear and elegant temperament, and the fragrance seems to float out imperceptibly in every gesture.

The reserved and cold cloud tea, when boiling water is poured into the cup, still rises with indifferent cloud mist, with a bit of transcendental and outward Zen meaning, like a woman with a quiet nature, it is difficult to be truly ignited by enthusiasm, always looking at you calmly in the cloud and mist, but it is difficult for you to enter her heart.

The tender and lingering Maojian tea is born with a soft bone, and it exudes a full charm in every move, emitting the breath of a noble and mature woman, charming but not vulgar, sweet but not greasy. Only with good water to make this tea can one fully appreciate its charm.

The long and mellow Tieguanyin, with such confidence, is like a woman who hides her talents and bides her time, with a lifetime of fragrant sleeves and vicissitudes of rain and clouds. It is already a thing of the past, with a few traces of desolation, and a few aftertastes when tasted.

The Puer tea like red wine, clear and transparent, so fragrant and simple, so reserved and meaningful, like a woman with tender feelings, thousands of strands of affection rise and fall in the cup, lingering and intriguing, with long memories, making people reluctant to part with it.

Tea is a kind of sentiment, a kind of silence, a kind of sadness, a kind of loneliness, and it can also be said to be the collection of memories. With a cup of clear tea in hand, taking a small sip, the tongue and lips have a faint bitterness, closing the eyes and savoring, but there is an endless aftertaste of fragrant tea. No matter in which season one drinks tea, people are like a piece of tea, sooner or later, they have to integrate into this ever-changing and diverse world. In the process of integration, society will not deliberately pay attention to everyone, just as few people pay attention to each piece of tea in the cup when drinking tea. The tea will not be helpless because it integrates into the clear water and is not noticed by people. It still leaves only the fragrance in the world.

In life, people pursue the beauty of elegance. Light name and light profit, no competition and no seizure, everything is natural, everything is refined, everything goes into the beautiful and remote artistic conception. Only then is it a tasteless but flavorful tea, elegant and mellow, the more aged the more fragrant. Women are like tea, and tea is like women, rich and smooth, with profound connotation, which can make a restless heart calm, peaceful, and attached, and make struggling people energetic and high-spirited. The fragrance of life, when tasted with heart, can taste the pure and beautiful flavor to the utmost, and living is nothing more than getting rid of the dust all the way, washing out a clean soul, and blooming a fearless flower of life.

I hope that female friends will bloom on every inch of land in the world, fill every corner of the world with fragrance, endow the heart with kindness in the continuation of life, be worthy of this season, be worthy of this era, be worthy of the pride and pride of women. All the splendor in the world is wonderful because of you.

Holding a simple brush to grind ink with devotion, picking up a peaceful and indifferent state of mind, holding a handful of clear spring water to soak the fragrance of tea, holding a wisp of breeze to be silent and accompany, tasting a sip of tea to savor the fragrance, in this short and beautiful time, fix the gorgeousness and taste as a coagulated amber, swaying a hazy human amorous feelings of a gauze curtain, leaving a warm and quiet tea memory like a woman, singing a magnificent song of tea like a woman, savoring a touch of elegance and fragrance for a lifetime!