When facing adolescent children, parents should accompany them to do these three things to help them get through this dangerous period. 1. Learn to control your emotions. Only those who can control their emotions can control their own lives. Parents should teach their children to face their own emotions, whether they are tired of studying, or negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, find the root of the emotion, and actively deal with and solve it. 2. Practice stress resistance. Although the pressure in junior high school is great, it is not as great as the college entrance examination. It is most appropriate to cultivate children's ability to withstand stress at this time, teaching them to face failure and not be afraid of challenges. As long as they work hard, even if they fail, it is still an achievement. 3. Know how to deal with emotions. It is normal for adolescents to have sexual feelings. If parents interfere too much, it will encourage children to fall in love early in order to resist their parents, which will affect their learning. Parents can have a good talk with their children, tell them the dangers of early love, and let them understand that the best relationship is when both parties work together to achieve their goals. If they can be admitted to the same university, it is not too late to talk.