Some people often say that a place with a lot of people is lively, and lively is great. Every time I hear these words, I feel twitching pain in my heart. I think of Tao Yuanming. I also think of Tao Yuanming, who lived alone in isolation and refused to give up for five buckets of rice. I also thought of the relief he felt in retreating from the world.

In fact, everyone has a description of excitement in his heart. I don’t think anyone hates excitement, only the form of excitement.

Liveliness is not the same as noisy. Noisy makes everyone avoid it. The tranquility of picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and leisurely seeing Nanshan is not something everyone enjoys. The key lies in the heart that wants peace in troubled times. I was born in the hustle and bustle, but I don’t want to live in the hustle and bustle.