In everyone's inner world, there will be a color that represents his inner mood, including red, blue, yellow, purple, and even rainbow. These types of people are usually restless,

Lively, cute, etc. But in my inner mood, there is only black and white.

Do you think you may be curious, there is only black and white, nothing else? Yes, this is me, a person who lives alone, goes my own way, follows my own principles, and doesn't change easily. I like to be alone and do my own thing well. I don’t like to be tied up hand and foot.

Wait, I'm a loner in the eyes of my friends. They all thought I was cool, cold, and weird. Whenever they get together, I sit quietly by myself. Black and white represent my emotional story.

I have a special hobby, that is observation. Whenever I am alone, I observe other people and do personality analysis to find their flaws. Whenever I get together with my friends, I always stand nearby. They think I am just standing nearby, but in fact I am observing their every move.