Everyone has a dream. In the eyes of the little match girl, the dream is to be able to eat the fragrant chicken drumsticks and fall asleep in the warm embrace of her grandmother. In the eyes of Zhou Tingting, who is deaf and blind, the dream is to be able to hear, see, and taste the colorful world. In the eyes of Hawking, the dream is not to bow to misfortune, and the will is not disabled despite the physical disability. In the eyes of President Xi Jinping, the dream is the prosperity and strength of the Chinese nation and the rejuvenation of the country.

The Chinese Dream is a bright lamp, guiding our direction, enabling our great People's Republic of China to move towards a path of prosperity and strength step by step. The Chinese Dream also belongs to everyone.

My dream is very small. I just want every river in our country to be crystal clear, without sewage discharge, with countless small fish swimming happily in the clear river water and flowing into the sea in a murmuring manner; more birds fly freely in the air; the spring scenery in the garden cannot be contained, and the flowers compete to bloom, and the grass grows vigorously; on summer nights, you can see hundreds and thousands of stars blinking at you, and the ensemble of nature brings a sense of coolness and tranquility; in the golden autumn, the farmer uncles embrace the harvest of rice, and the red maple leaves are redder than the flowers in February; the crystal-clear snowflakes slowly fall in the winter wind, and the pure spirits fall into the mundane world, bringing silver dress to the earth. I also hope that when we take the bus, everyone can give up their seats to the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled, and have more "most beautiful passengers"...

My dream, the Chinese Dream, is born for the dream and strives for the dream!