The flowers have fallen, does it mean the death of life?

The color is still there, does it ever declare beauty and splendor?


I have collected a lot of fallen flowers from the unicorn flowers under the flowerpot, but I am reluctant to throw them away. When I saw its flowers blooming for the first time, I didn't think there was anything strange about it, but when I accidentally discovered its decline, I was shocked! After so many years of flower gardening, this is the first time I was moved by a flower, moved by its obsession, moved by a flower's persistence and reluctance, and even more moved by its deep affection.

When the flowers bloom, they are light green in color, then turn to green and red, then pink, until they turn into dazzling red, which is when they are fully bloomed. Then it kept this color and shape until it fell! The first time I saw its decline, I accidentally touched it and the flower fell. If you look closely at the petals, you will see that they have turned into dried flowers, dazzling red. Although they have lost their water content, the shape and color of the flowers remain the same. It's as if I just encountered its blooming flowers, but I don't know that parting has already come. Their flower stalks have fallen off, but they are still reluctant to fall from the plant, and they still linger on the green leaves, showing their final beauty.

Seeing this, my heart seemed to be pricked. What kind of deep love is this? Even when it comes to death, we are reluctant to leave it. When it comes to the moment of falling into pieces, we are reluctant to leave the green leaves that set it off and make it beautiful. How can that kind of friendship be understood by us ordinary people? How can it be simply expressed as one? Let go of the end of a flower or a plant's life.

Everything in the world is sentient. The flowers in this life may be people from the past life, just walking around the world in search of sentient beings. The deep affection and reluctance of Qilinhua made me see love, the fate beyond dependence and love, and the people and things beyond Luohong.

Isn’t that true for people? Many people fall in love with each other throughout their lives and never change their original intentions; many people fall in love with each other madly, but they cannot change their destiny. Life is a cycle. The four seasons are warm and cold, and human love is the fate of time. You cannot force it. Just like flowers blooming and falling, they will always return to the true nature of life; just like love, the most beautiful will always return to dullness and then decline. But the beauty will not disappear when the flowers fall. Many splendors and brilliance remain in the memory and in life.

The fleeting youth is like falling flowers. How many people had flowers blooming in their youth and were beautiful for a while; how many people left a splendid past when their youth passed. He also pointed out the country and inspired words; he also determined that the wisdom of young people will lead to the wisdom of the country, and the strength of young people will make the country strong. How many people can forget such heroic spirit, and how many people can forget those flying years when their youth slips away.

Many figures in history have come and gone like flowers, but their colors are still there. Such as Yue Fei, who served his country with loyalty and left behind the tragic story of "eight thousand miles of clouds and moons, laughing and talking about thirsty for the blood of the Huns"! Like Yu Qian, "I am not afraid of my bones being broken into pieces, I want to leave my innocence in the world"; like Li Bai, for thousands of years, he is still singing "Flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls from the sky"; like Su Shi, who left behind The great river flows eastward and the pride is exhausted. These great people or celebrities in history have all passed away, and the color still interprets the glory and weight of life.

Many people encounter difficulties in life, but they still stick to their persistence and yearning, never give up the essence of life, and are tenacious and upward. If Zhang Ji had not failed, there would be no singing of "Night Mooring on Maple Bridge" that has been sung through the ages; if Zhaojun left his hometown, he would have gained freedom and the friendship between the Han and Hungarian peoples. , thinking about it this way, even if it leaves, it has once been brilliant, but the color is still left in the world.

The epiphyllum in nature blooms overnight, leaving people with endless aftertaste, fragrance and eternal intoxication; shooting stars and fireworks, even if they are passing by in the sky, still bloom their beauty; the grass is experiencing "wildness" "The fire never burns out, but the spring breeze blows and revives" still shows tenacity, announcing to the world that life is blooming and the spirit still exists.

When we leave, the color still exists, which is the sympathy for life; when we leave, the color still exists, which is the magnanimity under difficulties, and the strength in desperate situation; when we leave, the color still exists, which is the watch of love in the mortal world and the prosperity. The hope that has been lost but still does not change its original intention...