I don’t know since when, my husband and I stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day. He said: "If love lasts for a long time, how can it be at the moment of the festival." In this way, roses and chocolate were insulated from me. It was as if there had never been such a holiday. He and I, living under the same roof, lived an ordinary life like all couples.

I also thought about every Valentine's Day when I was in love. At that time, there always seemed to be endless things to say. Being together twenty-four hours a day is not enough time.

In the second year after marriage, he said to me: "We can't celebrate this year's Valentine's Day. It's a bit boring to celebrate it every year. With this money, I might as well buy some ribs and cook them." After hearing what he said, I I also think this is true. From that year on, Valentine’s Day no longer belongs to us.

Marriage can wear down two people who once loved each other to the point of losing any passion. All day long, we only need firewood, rice, oil and salt. Such days are not just for our family. Too many couples live step by step like this.

That day, when my husband came back from the hospital, he said softly: "You know, I went to the hospital to see a colleague. He was lying on the hospital bed and regretting all the time. He said that he could never go shopping hand in hand with his wife again. I can no longer spend another Valentine's Day with her." After saying that, my husband held my hand tightly.

It turned out that his colleague had cancer and had reached an advanced stage. The doctor said that he only had more than a month left at most. At that moment, I didn't know what to say. The person who once thought that he could be with his lover for the rest of his life ended up leaving inadvertently.

In a few days, it's Valentine's Day. My husband said to me softly: "From this year onwards, let's celebrate Valentine's Day. Life is short. We usually think that we have a lot of time for each other, but we don't know that there are too many unpredictable things that will make us miss each other." We were caught off guard. From now on, we must learn to cherish each other.”

On the way to get off work, I went to the mall. I want to choose a lovely gift for him, and on Valentine's Day, tell him that I still love him as deeply as before.