It’s been five months, and before I know it, it’s been five months. It was too fast and I couldn't accept it. Help, why do I feel like I'm suffocating?

After all this time, what have I gained? Still seems to have found nothing.

I have been immersed in a tangled love, confused, unable to find a way out and have no way out.

It's a very simple sentence "I love you", but I always swallow it back when it comes to my mouth. Am I too cowardly?

Chen Xiang's (Confession) is so well sung: Time told me that my love for you is completely true.

Maybe slowly, I will mature, and I will forget it carelessly. Oh, yes, being heartless is better than tearing my heart out.

After all these years, do you still care about this?

I can still live a good life with a group of sisters and friends who love me.

Live as before, still lazy in bed every day, still late,

In class, I still read novels, play games, and shoot cannons left and right.

After class, I smoked in the corridor, cautiously guarding against the teacher, just like I was guarding against falling in love with you.

But I will always get caught, just like I still don’t know what I love about you.

Reality is always unsatisfactory, otherwise it would not be life.

I understand and I don’t understand either.

But I don’t want to understand even more.

I am a very entangled person, entangled in my own problems and my own world.

I can still struggle for a long time about whether something is available or not.

Just like whether I like you or not, I can struggle with it all my life.

I was just a little kid, insecure.

They like to tease you unreasonably and are willful. This is the nature of children.

Why are they like this? Because he lacks someone who loves him, and he lacks something called "security" that is invisible, intangible, impractical, but very important and practical.

It is difficult for ordinary people to understand a child's thoughts, only he himself understands.

In fact, he also needs someone to understand, but he doesn't know how to make that person understand.

When I got tired, I slowly gave up.

Use your time to make a cocoon, lock yourself in it, and don't want to come out.

Love does not have time to grow old and is ruined by the flames of war.