The long street after the rainy season, in front of the huge glass windows,

Different places of memories overlap with my same face;

The headphone cable is disconnected and cannot resonate indoors.

I can’t stop missing you and review my tenderness again;

You don’t leave a single promise, and you don’t apologize to me anymore,

The foreseeable risks made me fall deeply in love!

If you wait a little longer, will your wish still come true?

All the circumstances of what was once a failure have been changed;

How can I learn to say no to your gentle eyes?

Let yesterday's tears evaporate into my piece of blue sky!

That day, I held your fingertips tightly,

No matter why, I believe that we will always be together;

That year, there was no declaration of true love,

But dissolving you is like owning the whole world!

I cried and laughed,

The sweetness and sourness of two hearts connected together;

I resisted, love has passed

Love is just a world captured in memories!

My joys, sorrows, and joys, as well as the warmth of the sun,

Write a diary to record the sadness and sweetness of loving you