1. Depression means living in the past; anxiety means living in the future. So whenever I feel depressed or anxious, I know that I am not living in the present.

Only by living in the present, connecting with the people in the present, and carefully living every minute of the present can one truly live. The more seriously one treats the present, the better it will be without anxiety.

So once I find that my mood is not right, I will quickly adjust my current state, such as immediately standing up to do housework or immediately changing shoes to go downstairs to see the trees, the sky, and the sun...

In short, it is important to feel the body's every move and connect with the body's dynamic, rather than being immersed in past and future thoughts. It is useful and very useful. Past events have already happened, and depression is about self-healing and reflecting on one's wounds, which is meaningless; anxiety is about unrealistic and excessive thoughts about the unknown, which consumes the spleen.

The present is meaningful, so quickly changing shoes and going downstairs to feel the movement of the legs, touching the trees to feel the upward energy of the trees, these practical actions are more beneficial to the body and mind;

2. Anxiety means that I am living in the eyes of others as an object rather than living as a subject. Changing my mind, this is my world, I am the subject, others are NPCs, they have no right to judge me, I just need to focus on what I need to do and do it in the present.

Don't always put yourself in the position of an object and in the spotlight for others to watch, criticize, and judge. Summarizing, I say to myself: "I am the subject, not the object; I live in the present, I feel the present, and I do what I need to do in the present.