The story of "Zigong's Ransom" tells us that the State of Lu stipulated that if its citizens were unfortunate enough to become slaves in foreign countries, they were encouraged to spend money to redeem them, and the state would provide compensation and rewards.

This was a good welfare for the people of Lu. As a result, Confucius' student Zigong, who was quite wealthy himself, refused the state's compensation and rewards after redeeming his fellow countrymen from abroad.

This incident made Zigong appear very noble, but the result was that Confucius lamented that Zigong had done something wrong. From then on, the people of Lu would not go to redeem their fellow countrymen who were in distress.

Because spending their own money to redeem their fellow countrymen would make them feel embarrassed to ask the state for compensation and rewards, but who has as much money as Zigong to do good deeds every day? So they simply did not redeem them, otherwise they would be criticized as "not as good as Zigong".

Therefore, we should not be morally abducted by ourselves or others. Then, stay away from those who constantly morally abduct us... A person who demands free services from others every day is not a good person