No one has the patience to listen to you finish your own story, because everyone has something to say; no one likes to listen to you complain about life, because everyone has their own pain; most of the world is lonely, and this world is willing to listen and is accustomed to silent people, only a few. I don't want to mention my past to others anymore, those loneliness and desolation struggling in nightmares, let it be handed over to time and fade slowly.

The so-called practice of smiling is not mechanically moving your facial expressions, but rather trying to change your mentality and adjust your mood. Learn to calmly accept reality, learn to say let it be to yourself, learn to face adversity calmly, learn to view life positively, and learn to think positively in everything. In this way, the sunlight will flow into the heart, driving away fear, driving away darkness, and driving away everything.