Home, a warm noun that can give sustenance and reliance. The Chinese regard "passing on poetry and books as a family tradition" as the motto for the prosperity of a family, thus enabling the continuous thousands of years of Chinese civilization to be passed on through the channel of the family. "Cultivate oneself, manage the family, govern the country, and pacify the world", this is the sublimation of the ancients' understanding of the concept of home. Home is the cell of society, "there is no country without a home, and there is no home without a country", this is the dialectical unity of home and country. "Our great China, such a big family", expressing the deep attachment of the descendants of the Chinese nation to the big family full of national feelings. "Forty years of family and country, three thousand miles of mountains and rivers", in fact, the ancients have long regarded the family and the country as an inseparable unity. Home has an unsevered bloodline, and home has an unforgettable sentiment. Home has a crooked little boat and the little阿娇 by the boat in childhood.

Home is the leisure pasture for men, where all fatigue and troubles can be released to the fullest. Home is the safe haven for women, where all grievances and sorrows can be smoothed away. Home is the warm bird's nest for children, and one day they will set sail from here. Home is the farmland cultivated by the elderly, sowing the seeds of hope and reaping their own shade.

The outsiders who roam the rivers and lakes always like to say: my hometown... Hometown is the expansion of the concept of home, referring to the hometown. No matter for what reason you leave your hometown, no matter how much harm your hometown has brought to you. In the years of leaving your hometown, one reality cannot be avoided all the time, that is, the eternal yearning for home. The water in the hometown is clear, and the moon in the hometown is bright. The soil in the hometown and the moon in the hometown are all connected to the home. Here are the best memories in life and an indelible complex of home. "In the war that lasts for three months, a letter from home is worth ten thousand pieces of gold." After experiencing the chaos, the most concerned thing is the home. "Raise your head and look at the bright moon, lower your head and think of your hometown", "If relatives and friends in Luoyang ask, my heart is as pure as ice in a jade pot", all reflect the unsevered feelings of hometown and family.