In the rainy season of plum blossoms, it always makes people feel a unique atmosphere.

The fine drizzle is continuous, as if covering the world with a layer of gossamer. The world between heaven and earth is hazy, and raindrops are jumping in the air, seeming both existent and nonexistent, like a dream and a fantasy.

The streets of the city are moistened by the rain, wet, and reflecting the lights. The trees by the roadside are swaying in the rain, with crystal clear water droplets hanging on the leaves, as if telling the story of the years.

The distant mountains are also shrouded in rain and fog, looming, adding a touch of mysterious color. The rain falls on the earth, converging into small streams, flowing, as if playing a melodious movement.

People are walking in the rain, holding umbrellas, feeling the unique charm brought by the rainy season of plum blossoms.